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Our Real Estate Listings are a direct data feed from the Phoenix MLS, updated in real time 24/7/365, all the time. When you are on our home listings feed, you'll know the moment a listing goes live. Don't get beat by someone else over the house that was meant to be yours!

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West USA Realty's Scottsdale Kierland office is the agency's top producing office in the state of Arizona. The Pridecrest Team is a strong part of that winning culture, and that means a huge opportunity for solving whatever real estate needs you have.

The Office has agents handling not only residential sales, leasing, and property management, but also commercial real estate and land sales.

Contact us at (480) 295-9300 to be paired with a real estate specialist to best serve your goals. We'll get on it immediately!


West USA Realty Scottsdale Kierland Office
West USA Realty Scottsdale Kierland Office

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West USA Realty

West USA Realty is an Arizona Real Estate brokerage helping buyers and sellers of homes for sale all across the state. The Agency also has agents specializing in Commercial Real Estate, as well as Property Management, and Land Sales.
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